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Content Organs bring the real pipe organ sound in your own home. Fits the needs for every organ player.

The Content Organ in your homeĀ 

Content Organs allows organ enthusiasts to enjoy the pipe organ experience through the in-house built and developed Invention Technology. Superb quality and performance – second to none. Our home organ series offers a small organ, the Clavis and Compact, to fit any room and budget. The one-nudge-up model of the Content organs is the famous Celeste series. It comes in two or three manual models and can be built with the solid-wood roll shutter.

The professional player series is the cream on the pie: the Content Cantate series. These Cantate organs have added amplifiers, speakers and prime features to accommodate the advanced players.

The Content Mondri series have a unique and impressive taller console with the same internal components. Imagine playing with the special draw stops and creating a real pipe organ experience.

If you are not finding the console or colour on our website, no worries, we build any console and any colour to fit your needs.

Content Organs have raised the bar.

Superb quality and performance are non-debatable must-haves in the Content Organs. The following features are standard on our organs:

  • Robust and sharp-looking console featuring extensive use of solid wood – lasting for many years
  • User experience is easily optimized in the Personal Control Center
  • Each organ comes with four independent intonations (Baroque, Classical, Symphonic and Romantic) – changed with the simple push of the button
  • Backed by a great warranty plan providing support even after the purchase and setup
  • Multi-channel digital amplifiers are used with a high-quality speaker system to ensure superb and optimum organ sound.

The Content organs, you are playing digitally sampled pipe-organ voices – just imagine that you are bringing a famous pipe organ to life in your living room!

Contact us if you are interested in the Content home organs.

Digital sampled pipe organs

Carefully selected sound samples will ensure the real pipe organ experience in your home

Easy operation and tons of features

The Content Organ is easy to operate and customizable to your needs through the PPC computer dashboard

High Performing Audio System

The Content Organs are standard equipt with the highest quality speakers for optimum sound distribution

Compact 224

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Clavis 125

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Clavis 224

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Celeste 236

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Celeste 236R

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Celeste 340

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Celeste 340R

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Cantate 246

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Cantate 346

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Cantate 354

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Mondri 236

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Mondri 354

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Mondri 340

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Models and specifications may change without notification. Please be informed that the pictures on this website may be different from the standard version. Appearance and options of the models may vary according to local requirements. You are kindly invited to verify the specifications of the individual models by contacting us.