Church Organs

Content church organs are used for concerts, together with choirs and in support of congregational singing. The real pipe organ experience – check out the Chapel series!

Content Organs in the church

The Chapel series of the Content Organs are instruments designed specifically for setups in small or large churches, concert halls, meeting areas of senior homes, and chapels. Every church and chapel is different; therefore, our Chapel organs are custom designed and built to meet their purpose, whether that is to support congregational singing or to provide background music. 

Organists build the Content Organs and incorporate the latest digital technology. Multi-channel digital amplifiers are used with a high-quality speaker system to ensure superb and optimum organ sound.

Each organ comes with four independent intonations: Baroque, Classical, Symphonic, and Romantic. These can be used with the simple push of the button.  

  • Each organ and speaker system is always custom-designed by our expert team to fit the building’s environment.
  • After the organ is installed, the organist gets an education session to ensure the best user experience.
  • Backed by a great warranty plan providing support even after the purchase and setup.

Speaker solutions

The audio system for your Content church organ is built according to the unique dimensions and interior of your church sanctuary. If we compare with a church pipe organ, it comes down to the correct selection of organ stops and the composition of the pipework. With a digital organ, it is important to work with a very accurate and balanced audio system. Our professional team will assist you with recommendations to get the right audio balance and set up. The unique Content Sound Systems (CSS) is developed by our in-house experts and provides the right solutions with which every Chapel organ. The setup is optimally equipped for accompanying congregational or choral singing and offering liturgical support. 

With a Content Organ, you are playing pre-recorded pipe-organ tones as if you are playing the real pipe organ. Just imagine that you are bringing a famous pipe organ to life in your church or chapel for affordable pricing.

To receive free advice and a complimentary proposal, please contact us today!

Superb Technology

Powerful processors with state of the art hardware.

High Performing Audio System

The Content Sound Systems are in-house designed to ensure premium output through quality speakers.

Warranty and support

Professional advice before purchase followed by A+ support and warranty after the purchase and installation.

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Models and specifications may change without notification. Please be informed that the pictures on this website may be different from the standard version. Appearance and options of the models may vary according to local requirements. You are kindly invited to verify the specifications of the individual models by contacting us.