Celeste 236R

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Organ Details

The Celeste 236R is the high-performing home organ for any organ player. 

2 Manuals - Touch sensitive keyboards

4 x 36 professionally selected stops

High Quality pedal board of choice

Also Included

The Content standard features for this organ are backed by factory support and guarantee.

User friendly control


Superb audio system

Console featuring extensive use of solid wood


Ultimate sound experience by Content sound protocol

In the new Celeste series, Content allows access for a large group of organ enthusiasts to enjoy the qualities of the Invention Technology that has recently been developed by our company. The Content Celeste is a versatile instrument that offers four distinct and unique sound worlds. Four different traditional specifications of stops are standard on the Celeste organ – Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Symphonic intonations. This enables you to play the works of the great masters in the particular sound of their actual time frame, thus doing justice to the pieces performed.

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