Hauptwerk Organs

Content Hauptwerk organs bring the real pipe organ sound in your own home. Check out the Cambiare series!

Content and Hauptwerk™

The Cambiare series of the Content Organs are instruments equipped with the Hauptwerk software. These organs can be fully customized by uploading the software of famous but also lesser-known pipe organs from all over the world.

What does it take to play Hauptwerk?

To play the Hauptwerk software in your organ, the Content Organ meets the following requirements:

  • A powerful superb computer processor. The high performance of this computer reproduces the sounds of pipe organs in split seconds.
  • A high-performing audio system for the right user experience. This audio system includes a high-quality sound card, amplification and a speaker system.
  • The durable and solid organ console, which ensures many years of playing organ music with pleasure.
  • A touchscreen to access the Hauptwerk software and operate the organ stops.
  • Compatibility with any Hauptwerk software. Content organs are unlocked so you can purchase additional programs locally or online. (Note: many manufacturers have locked their operating systems so the user can only purchase additional organ software from them – just like the cellphone companies)

With the Hauptwerk software in the Content organs, you are playing pre-recorded pipe-organ tones on the organ of your choice. In this way, you will enjoy the organ music exactly as if you are present in the chosen church sanctuary.  Just imagine that you are bringing a famous pipe organ to life in your living room!

Contact us if you are interested in the Content Hauptwerk organs.

Superb Technology

Powerful processors with state of the art hardware

High Performing Audio System

The Cambiare comes with a high output sound card and quality speakers.

Open-source software

The Cambiare is unlocked and you can purchase additional organs anywhere.

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